Denver divorce mediator

My Approach


I recently took a hard look at the status of family law cases in Colorado. Access to reasonably-priced assistance in navigating the court system in a divorce, paternity or post-decree case has become more and more restricted, yet these cases determine the parental and financial futures of countless people (including children).


I decided that I want to be a resource for people who jointly want education, mediation, and an amicable resolution, but who don't have unlimited financial means (or who choose to focus their resources on settlement instead of litigation). My goal is to provide the best service for the best cost, and to be accessible to most people. When children are involved, staying child-focused is a priority.


To that end, in 2016 I made a decision to lower my hourly rate. I did this in order to be more affordable for the people that need the type and quality of service that I offer. I believe strongly in what I do - helping people avoid the conflict and cost (financial and emotional) that often comes with litigation, while providing much-needed education, structure and guidance.